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Acupuncture & Herbs

Moon Street,​ Llandudno, LL30 1XA

01492 877416


My eczema was making me scream

I'd tried all kinds of lotion and cream

Then I reached a juncture

I tried acupuncture

And it's working just like a dream

I just lie and relax on the couch

There's really no need to say "Ouch"

For the needles are small

And don't hurt you at all

Just a small prick, I can vouch

With my rash disappearing from sight

I'm sleeping much better at night

In fact I feel great

And, what's more, I've lost weight

My trousers aren't feeling so tigłht

I'm so pleased I found Doctor Xie

His treatment has worked well for me

And his manner is kind

So I don't really mind

It's a pleasure to visit, you see

Cecilia Lilley


I have been going to see Dr Xie for over ten years now. He has treated me for a variety of problems including a shoulder injury, anxiety, a torn muscle and plantar fasciitis. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Xie and his methods: acupuncture, qi gong and herbal medicine. I have not needed to see a GP since being in his care. He is a highly professional practitioner and puts you so at ease. If I could afford it I would have acupuncture every day for the rest of my life. Give it a go, you'll never look back.

Julia Pullman


I first became a patient of Dr. Xie in late 2014 following a house move from East Yorkshire to Wales.

I was already a convert to acupuncture, having attended regular sessions in East Yorkshire.

I have found Dr. Xie to be an excellent practitioner who has addressed my various health problems effectively. He is thoroughly professional in his presentation and behaviour and I am most grateful to him for his skilled attention.I feel great benefit from my regular attendance and I recommend him most highly.

With best wishes,


“The level of service at Dr.Xie's Acupuncture Clinic is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Dr.Xie's Acupuncture Clinic was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”


EmilyVictoria951 周前I have always suffered with bad period pain and heavy bleeding. I have completed one course of herbal medicine from Chinese Doctor and I'm just beginning another. With his help my pain and general discomfort in my abdomen area has greatly improved, I have more energy and I feel my overall health is much better. Very friendly, approachable and personal.

(由 Google 翻译) 我一直有不好的时期疼痛和大量出血遭遇。我已经完成了中药的一个过程,从中国的医生和我刚刚开始另一个。在他的帮助我在我的腹部区域疼痛和全身不适有很大的提高,我有更多的精力,我觉得我的整体健康状况好多了。非常友好,平易近人和个人。

sam worsley

2 周前

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder in the gym. After which I was unable to move and in a lot of pain. It hurt when I coughed and laughed and hadn't been getting any better in over a couple of weeks. I saw Dr Yuhong who did a session on me using Tuina massage. I was able to keep fully clothed through out the treatment and he pressed certain points along my back and shoulder. I found the treatment to be relaxing and after felt somewhat better straight away. The following morning when I woke up the pain was gone completely and I felt great. I was delighted with the treatment and would definitely recommend him.

(由 Google 翻译) 我在我的肩膀在健身房拉伤了肌肉。这之后,我无法动弹并且在很多的痛苦。它伤害,当我咳嗽了一声,笑了起来,并没有被得到任何更好过了几个星期。我看到于洪博士谁用推拿对我做了一个会话。我能够通过保持和衣了治疗,他沿着我的背部和肩膀的压制某些点。我发现,治疗要放松,感觉稍微好一些立竿见影之后。第二天早晨,当我醒来时疼痛完全消失,我感觉好极了。我很高兴与处理,并一定会推荐他。


2 周前

Since I having acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment my irritable bowel problem appear to have gone away.

I have eaten food (bread and chips) that previously would have upset me. I have had No stomach cramps or diarrhoea.

My appetite has returned and I feel so much better.

Christine Rowlands

12 May 2017

(由 Google 翻译) 因为我有针灸和草药中国我的治疗肠易激问题似乎已经消失。